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User research

User research

What is it?

Challenge intuition and develop structured documentation about your users: what are their motivations, needs, frictions, and wants? 

Odoma conducts users survey, thinking-aloud sessions, and field observations to analyze users' behaviors and create profiles (persona).

Feed your innovation process and create novel ways for your public to interact with your content based on grounded analyses.


  • Create structured and shared documentation on your users

  • Enhance end user's experience and elevate their motivation

  • Build optimized interactions and operations 

  • Develop interactions based on your users' specificities

Evaluate existing interfaces

User testing

What is it?

Odoma's expertise in user experience, using heuristics evaluation, interview, and SUS survey.

You want to have an expert review of your existing digital experience and take decisions based on factual examples.


  • Identification of friction points of existing interfaces

  • Optimization of interaction and operations

  • Create structured documentation based on facts

Create new interfaces (Web or else)

Create new interfaces

What is it?

Odoma's expertise in user experience design, and UX / UI methodology.

We conduct ideation workshops and consolidation sessions to create your next digital experience, being for internal professional users or the external public.

According to the context and needs, Odoma produces the necessary communication assets for stakeholders (experience map, userflow, wireframe, interactive mock-ups, label system).


  • Structured creation process

  • Build a viable solution, matching user motivations, resources, and sustainability concerns

  • Build solid documentation at each stage of the process

Odoma suite

Customizable tool by Odoma

What is it?


Odoma developed online tools that are fully customizable for the following purpose:

  • Ground truth tools

  • Annotations tools

  • Visual and textual search experiences

  • Multimodal search engines


  • Accelerate implementation of Data / AI tools

  • Make rapid mock-up and prototypes

  • Focus on customization instead of implementation


Communication strategy

What is it?

Build a structured communication strategy; develop visual assets and improve the dissemination of your project to stakeholders and the public.

  • Data visualization

  • Technical diagrams

  • Data maps

  • Users persona 

  • Popularized communication


  • Upgrade communication efficiency

  • Facilitate approval by adapting content and formats to your audience

  • Explicit automated workflows

  • Augment expert decisions

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