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Services / Overview

Odoma is experienced in designing and delivering complete, fit-for-purpose products.


We are also available to advise and run targeted assessments, pilots, proofs of value, proofs of concept, as well as prototype and develop minimum viable products.

  • Consolidate, document, and convert your raw data into actionable datasets

  • Systematically assess the quality of your data in view of future use

  • Create high-quality annotations to support AI applications

  • Easily share and reuse data within your organization

  • Involve communities via open data releases

  • Extract complex information from your collections: we are experienced with visual and textual contents, named entities, concepts and relations, structured information such as references, indices, and tables

  • Populate knowledge bases via automatic data ingestion, record linkage and ontology extraction

  • Search through multimodal data including texts, images, structured data, and networks

  • Explainable AI: gain insight into algorithmic decisions via easy to understand cues

  • Hybrid AI: improve human decisions with insights from data

  • Get a better understanding of your end-users and how to motivate them

  • Create prototypes and interactive mock-ups for rapid user testing

  • Integrate data analytics and AI in your current or new applications

  • Develop custom applications better adapted to your context and needs

  • You want a crash course on data cards or open data?

  • You want to explore AI opportunities within your organization?

  • You need to organize a UX workshop with your communication team?


Odoma is experienced in delivering customized training and consulting.


Discover opportunities:

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