Digitised and digital heritage can only produce value if its contents are fully extracted and interlinked. 

We bring expertise and solutions to guide you through the process. 


From digitised content to Human & Machine readable content

Acquisition and extraction
  • Digitisation process consulting (hardware, software and metadata structure)
  • Deep reading: high quality OCR & handwriting recognition
  • OCR correction and language normalization
  • Layout detection
  • Extraction of textual contents
  • Image extraction and classification
You have a large corpus of documents to digitised
You have digitised a corpus and want to extract its contents
You need high accuracy OCR (>95% confidence level)
You have handwritten documents and want to apply OCR methods
You want to extract visual contents from your corpus
You need to classify and organize the metadata on your digitised corpus
Enrichment, Interlinking, Viewing

From digital content to semantic content and relational data


  • Keyword extraction

  • Reference extraction

  • Knowledge graphs extraction

  • Image mapping

  • Topic modelling

  • You want to organise and visualize your data (texts or images)
  • You want to be able to quickly search and browse through your contents
  • You want to link your data with other datasets
  • You want to link different datasets through their contents
  • You need a dynamic extraction of data (names, citations, places, etc.)
  • You want create knowledge graphs from your contents
  • You need to have an overview of what is in your contents

From relational data to integrated digital archives and user experiences


  • Multimodal search engines

  • Multimodal navigation through large datasets

  • Social networks of the past

  • Multi-level automatic summarization

  • Integration of API and webservices

Digital Tools and User Experience
  • You want to offer a powerful search engine on your platform
  • You want to be able to navigate through time and space within your data
  • You want to develop writing tools (or plugins) based on your data 
  • You want to accelerate the retrieval of documents in your corpus
  • You are looking for new ways to interact with your audience based on your data

Explore opportunities and understand your data potential


  • Survey

  • Assessment

  • Workshops

  • Conferences

  • Data management best practices

Consulting - Workshops
  • You want to better understand what is possible
  • You want to rise awareness internally about the value of your data
  • You need guidance to prepare a digitisation campaign
  • You want to have an overview of the current state of your digital data
  • You have a project and multiple scenarios to assess
  • You have digital data and would like to explore its potential