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Training & Consulting

Odoma course & consulting offering includes introductory to advanced topics, delivered in short time frames of one day to one week.


We have designed our courses out of several years of experience in training university students and professionals from diverse backgrounds. The courses combine theory and practice, providing immediately actionable outcomes.

Our approach is designed for organizations in the cultural sector and creative sectors, and it can be tailored to more specific needs.


The ideal group size is between 5 and 20. Courses are delivered in French, Italian, and English.





One-week intensive courses​


  • Day-1: Thinking data
    What is data, why is it important and what can it be used for? How can existing processes be turned into valuable data sources? How can thinking from a data perspective help achieve the organization’s goals?


  • Day-2: Constructing and managing datasets and data flows
    How to design and develop datasets with a strategic goal in mind. We cover data streams and annotation campaigns, data management, open data, and best practices.


  • Day-3: Introduction to data science
    An overview of data science, its basic concepts, recent developments, and potential for cultural and creative organizations.


  • Day-4: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    An overview of AI, its basic concepts, recent developments, and potential for cultural and creative organizations.


  • Day-5: Responsible AI
    We focus on the legal and ethical challenges of using data for analysis, decision-making, and automation.


One or two days: Odoma's discovery courses

  • D1: Data Cards
    All about designing, developing, and maintaining Data Cards: an effective means to document a dataset and improve its usability. A similar course can be delivered for Model and AI systems cards.


  • D2: Open data
    A deep dive into standards and best practices for open data, including the FAIR principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable), open tools, and platforms.


  • D3: AI for GLAM
    All about AI applications and tools for GLAM organizations, with attention to open source solutions and GLAM workflows.


  • D4: AI for creativity
    A deep dive into the latest AI applications and tools for the creative sectors, including the arts and culture.


  • D5: Legal AI
    Covering the most important regulations around data and AI, as well as the latest development (e.g., GDPR, the EU AI Act).


  • D6: AI ethics and the FATES principles 
    Fairness, Accountability, Transparency, Ethics, Safety: Principles and practices for a responsible use of AI systems.


  • D7: Explainable AI
    How to provide interpretable insights into AI decisions? This course covers the main techniques to explain AI decisions to humans, and how to design an AI system with explainability as a core principle.


  • D8: Hybrid AI
    How to use AI to augment human decisions rather than replace them? This course covers the main techniques of the growing hybrid AI trend, of critical importance in settings where full automation is unfeasible or just impossible.




Motivation and added value


Continuous learning is becoming a priority for every organization. This is particularly evident for skills in data and AI.

Odoma offers an effective and practical way to upskill an organization’s workforce.

Week-long courses systematically deliver new contents, while short courses offer a way to get the latest updates on a specific topic or integrate it into the portfolio of available skills.

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