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Vallotton Foundation / SIK-ISEA

The Works of Félix Vallotton

The Vallotton Foundation and the Swiss Institute for Art Research asked Odoma to design and develop an open access platform for creating the reasoned catalog of the illustrations works of the famous Swiss artist Félix Vallotton.

A collection of several thousands images are interconnected through a system capable of showing the circulation of patterns from one work to the other.

As the project is ongoing, we developed several new features for the annotation team to accelerate and improve the consistency and the reliability of the data entry system.

Added value:

  • Application designed for the scholarly needs of a research project

  • Fully customized data entry and search functionalities

  • Re-use of open source tools to minimize costs

Félix Vallotton (1865–1925), "Intimités" (“Intimacies”). The aim of "Félix Vallotton illustrator" is to list, document and publish all of Félix Vallotton's illustrations, as they appeared in periodicals and books in the years 1890-1900.
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