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I Tatti - Harvard Center for Italian Renaissance Studies

Idios API Image Search Application

Odoma developed Idios, a multi-model reverse image search application with an HTTP API that allows to store and search for images that are visually similar.


  • Fully Dockerized for quick deployment and development set up

  • Simple GUI to upload images and test functionality

  • HTTP API for sending requests programmatically

  • Easy scaling by spawning multiple workers

  • Further indexing scaling with Milvus cloud native architecture


  • Standalone Milvus vector database and dependencies (minio and etcd)

  • Python worker(s) to compute image image embeddings and interact with Milvus

  • FastAPI based, stateless HTTP API. FastAPI leverages python typing to process requests parameters, responses, and documentation.

  • RabbitMQ to manage the job queue between the API and the worker(s)

Added value

  • Expert implementation of the requested API accoding to specifications

  • Thorough testing and documentation

  • Ready to scale up to the project's future needs

More about this project:

Link to result:

A detail from a wall painting
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