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Longines Swiss Watches

Extreme Text Recognition

Odoma developed a complete workflow to detect, extract and transcribe more than 1 million handwritten serial numbers that were previously retrieved manually from the physical archives of the company.

Relying on our Groundtruth Manager software, we trained a machine learning algorithm designed for our client's complex documents.

Well over 90% of the serial numbers could be extracted with 99.9% confidence.

The client's teams can now search for a record directly from an internal search engine and retrieve the number, the scan and the complete archival documentation in seconds.

Used by Longines Watches marketing department on a daily basis, this application is saving a considerable amount of time, improved customer service and increased the reliability of the information transmitted: the firm's archives are now better able to serve its customer support activities.

We have just finished (2022-2023) the 4th campagne of extraction for Longines Watches.

Added value:

  • Full automation of manual processes

  • Time saved by a factor of 50 to search within archival records

  • Better actionable information provided to customer support department

An example of a very complex document for hand-written characters recognition as we received it by our client.
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