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Your Generative AI

Bespoke solutions using the latest from generative AI, including Large Language Models (LLMs).


You want to integrate generative AI in your workflows, for example via an LLM. You want to assess the potential of this technology and design the best solution for your needs.


Odoma executes an R&D project to design and implement a generative AI solution according to your needs.


Generative AI can significantly speed up and enrich internal, as well as user facing tasks and interactions. For example, an LLM can greatly improve access to internal knowledge bases via a conversational agent.


  1. Formalization of requirements and objectives

  2. R&D project to find the best AI solution to the given tas

  3. Implementation of the propose solution

  4. Assessment of results

  5. Documentation and handover of solution

Odoma follows established best practices and standards.

We are also experts in the re-use of open source models and in the installation of our solutions on premises.

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