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Museums of the city of Pully

Digital Strategy


Odoma worked with the Museums of the city of Pully to develop a visitor-centered strategy for their future cultural space about the Swiss author Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz.

As often in the context of small and medium museums, several constraints must be addressed: financial and human ressources, technical competencies when dealing with the digital transformation, designing and maintaining a proper digital ecosystem.

Odoma worked with the museum team to create a clear documentation about their "users" and how they could motivate them to become active visitors.

Through a series of four workshops and a focus group, a structured and actionable documentation has been developed as well as a proposal for an online experience in line with the physical space.

Added values:

  • Clear and shared understanding of future users

  • Documentation as a tool to take decision on users' engagement

  • Efficient communication material for the museum stakeholders and sponsors

Odoma's team at work, preparing workshop and discussing processes for the Museums of the city of Pully.
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